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Afraid of Commitment?

Afraid of Commitment?

This is a dating service.

You should really work on that.

Until then, apply for our Explorer or Waitlist Tiers.


  • Verify through social media
  • Offers flexibility with no upfront costs
  • Only invited if you’re a superb match for a Maestro or Alchemist
  • Not eligible for members-pricing on event tickets (tickets are $65 instead of $49)

$0 to Start

No application fee or guaranteed invites


  • Great for spontaneous individuals
  • Contacted when we have last minute openings in your demo
  • Invites come 3 days to up to 30 minutes before an event
  • Any event you attend is complimentary
  • Current members can purchase this as an add-on for a discount

$35 Verification

Covers your one-time application fee. Any subsequent events tickets are completely complimentary