Chemeya Pricing

Membership Tiers

Verification is a prerequisite of attending our events. Our Tiers costs anywhere from $0 - $199 depending on extra benefits (like curation and date coaching). Only members who sign up for Maestro or Alchemist Tiers are eligible to experience a matchmaking approach to their experience. Your verification/Tier fee is a one-time payment. There are no monthly membership fees.

About The Verification Fee

We host invitation-only events. We take extra time getting to know our members, verify they are who they say they are and understand their wants and needs. Our events are comparable to a cross between matchmaking (typically $1K/month) and speed dating (typically $30 - $45/event) with extra entertainment thrown in! The one-time verification (or, membership) fee supports the extra labor behind what we do.

Do I have to pay?

If you'd like to minimize your investment, or aren’t ready to fully commit, you can sign up to Explore. We have a waitlist option and a base Tier option.

Do members attend

any free events?

Everything that comes with your membership is detailed here.

As of 2/6/24, those who purchase the Alchemist, Maestro, or Maven Tiers receive a complimentary ticket with their first invitation only. If you cannot attend the first event you’re invited to, subsequent event invitations start at $49.

For our former Tiers (see here), tickets are purchased separately from the verification fee.

How much does each event cost?

Our events begin at $49.