Redefining the art

of connection

We’re not just another dating events company. We’re the architects of unforgettable moments, seamlessly blending exclusivity with a warm and welcoming atmosphere



Chemistry, from the Greek word XHME’IA (Khēmeia) meaning to pour together or cast together

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Modern Art Design Frame
Modern Art Design Frame


Rewriting modern dating

Chemeya Dating is a trailblazing, female-founded and female-run dating events company revolutionizing the way singles meet. We challenge conventional dating events by offering unique, dynamic & playful experiences that foster genuine connections. From invite-only speed dating events with a personalized matchmaking component to adventurous group date scavenger hunts and dare nights, Chemeya Dating is dedicated to helping people step out of their comfort zones and discover meaningful relationships. It's a refreshing approach to dating that prioritizes connection, excitement, and authenticity.

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Our original (& signature event). Each Secret Singles Party boasts a curated guest list, with a matchmaking component to your introductions. The invite-only model ensures members are only seleted to attend when there’s a match.

For guests who just want to dip their toes in to the world of speed dating without committing to an entire experience. These short events happen at local bars in tandem with theme nights so you can bring your crew.

Curious about what it’s like to date when you remove the physical aspect and rely on emotional connection and conversational chemistry? Go on blind speed dates where you won’t see your date’s face...until the afterparty that is. Will the emotional connection translate to a physical one on the dance floor?

For people who actually like to do stuff! Go on a group date, do weird shit together. Walk away with new friends, and possibly the love of your life.

Bring your crew, and have them wing you! We have events that can include anyone - check out Dare Night!

Intentional Dating Meets Playful Allure

Intelligence is sexy, and at CHEMEYA, we celebrate the brilliance of our attendees.

Expect conversations that spark curiosity, laughter that resonates and connections that are both smart and irresistibly sexy.

"I had a blast. Was very nervous going in but you guys made it a super fun and welcoming environment. Courtney and I are already texting, plus I made friends with Chris and Mike. We’re going to the movies tomorrow."

Don, member